Rica Go

Chairperson, Founder

Heads Executive Team. Oversees and reviews all functions and projects of FiliFest, intervening when necessary for smoother operations. Creates and decides on strategies, and has ultimate decision on the direction of FiliFest. Focus on sustainability and growth of FiliFest.

Since founding FiliFest, I have led or contributed in every process, as well as every team in FiliFest. After more than 2 years of establishing the foundation of FiliFest, and having more than tripled the size of the original committee, my focus is now more on the sustainability of FiliFest and in growing our Committee members. In order for FiliFest to grow, the Committee must grow with it.

Sometimes I prefer to assume the role of Quality Assurance Manager, in which I describe this as assisting all teams/projects in order to assure quality work from all functions. By taking on a role similar to most officers and working with/under Chiefs, I not only offer an extra pair of hands but it also helps me to understand how to improve the internal operations of FiliFest.

Outside of FiliFest I am a mathematician at heart (MSci Mathematics from UCL) who values constant learning and expanding my knowledge and skill set. I tend to explore new ventures from fashion design, teaching and any other projects I set for myself.

FiliFest 2019 (30th January 2019-1st August 2019) - Founder, Chairperson

  • Lead organiser of FiliFest 2019, unifying and delegating tasks /roles to a core group to establish the foundation of FiliFest, and supporting every aspect of the planning process of the event
  • Conceptualised the idea of the first student-run culture festival to celebrate the Philippines, which aimed to unify young Filipinos and regain Filipino pride amongst youths
  • Sourced sponsors and vendors to fundraise for all activities and expenses of the culture festival, having started with zero budget and generating income by the end of the event
  • Created expense proposals and budgeting sheets to track and monitor expenses
  • Produced event business plans and a post-event report sent to sponsors of FiliFest 2019
  • Negotiated deals with external business partners and conducted meetings to pitch FiliFest 2019
  • Secured a range of on-site and raffle sponsors from corporates with an international presence (including an airline company and a fast-food chain which typically does not participate in events like such), to local Filipino food vendors and restaurants
  • Assisted in writing contracts tailored to external sponsors and vendors
  • Led communication with sponsors and vendors prior to the event and after the event, sending over a post-event report
  • Strategically thought of ways to optimise event traction and engagement, as well as how to control traffic to satisy health & safety regulations
  • Represented FiliFest at events hosted by external sponsors of FiliFest 2019
  • Devised social media strategies to promote the event via Instagram and Facebook
  • Participated in promotional Instagram stories for FiliFest 2019
  • Assisted in hand-painting the FiliFest 2019 banner
  • Supported social media marketing of FiliFest on Instagram through creating Instagram stories
  • Created the format used for host selection process
  • Assembled schedules for FiliFest 2019 volunteers and performers at the festival
  • Supported operations of all activities on the day of FiliFest 2019, particularly merch stall

FiliFest 2020 (2nd October 2019-1st July 2020) - Founder, Chairperson

  • Oversaw and reviewed all functions and projects of FiliFest, intervening when necessary for smoother operations
  • Strategic decision-making on the direction of FiliFest
  • Expanded FiliFest Committee from 8 to 21 members
  • Established core teams of FiliFest and the focuses of each team
  • Developed a leadership model starting with Chiefs of each team which make up FiliFest Committee
  • Supported Operation Team in finding sponsors for FiliFest 2020
  • Conceived the idea to collaborate with other Filipino Societies and youths to build a stronger online and offline community
  • Conceptualised the idea of a Digital FiliFest in response to adapting to COVID-19
  • Assisted with website design creation
  • Led opening of FiliFest Shop and conducted research on shop platform to use
  • Instagram posts (graphics) created: Christmas Countdown (day 20 and 25), Christmas Boodle Fight & Karaoke
  • Videos Edited: GAMES NIGHT with the FiliFest Committee and BAM & Beyond
  • Thumbnails created: Holiday Greetings from FiliFest!, Christmas Boodle Fight + Karaoke HIGHLIGHTS!
  • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Meet the FiliFest 2020 Committee!, Holiday Greetings from FiliFest!, Christmas Boodle Fight + Karaoke HIGHLIGHTS!, Quarantine with FiliFest #StayHome, FiliFest Q&A series (Ep 1-4), What does the Philippines mean to you?, GAMES NIGHT with the FiliFest Committee and BAM & Beyond

FiliFest 2021 (6th July 2020-24th July 2021) - Founder, Chairperson, Quality Assurance Manager

  • Trialled different leadership models to experiment which best suits FiliFest Committee's unconventional voluntary model comprised of primarily university students
  • Executed the following Logistics events: Freshers with FiliFest 2020, OPM Competition 2020
  • Organised all Freshers with FiliFest 2020 activities including liasing with Filipino Societies to encourage participation; coordinating games, points system and presentation for FilSoc Social; devising schedule of activities for LIVE WITH FILIFEST; and upgrading marketing plan during week-long event to optimise engagement
  • Negotiated with sponsor for OPM Competition 2020 and communicated to ensure marketing materials satisfy both sides' requirements, oftentimes taking initiative to create and edit marketing materials for IG stories, IG posts, Kumu thumbnails and Facebook
  • Led FiliFest Surprise Sweet Treats Pack: devising logistics of this projects; sourcing and leading the communication with Community Partners involved; creating marketing materials and a marketing plan to promote this project; and managing FiliFest Shop and orders, including strategic allocation of orders according to specified delivery areas of Community Partners
  • Conceptualised the idea of FiliFest FilSoc Awards
  • Co-organised and conceptualised the idea of FiliFest Challenge: sourcing and communicating with sponsors and Community Members involved; aided with marketing materials including created a teaser video to generate hype for event; strategically mapped different routes for each participating team and devised different missions to complete; assisted in creating a map for each team; co-hosted the event; supported on-the-day operations through running errands for materials required on the day, creation of Instagram stories to update everyone of the event and by hosting a few of the missions; and sent post-event emails/messages to prize sponsors
  • Co-led Instagram takeovers and management of Marketing Team
  • Created marketing materials to promote limited edition merch
  • Participated in several Instagram takeovers
  • Produced Instagram Stories to promote FiliFest activities/events, focusing on driving engagement, as well as to ensure online presence is maintained
  • Blog posts written: Our year so far as FiliFest 2021 Committee
  • Instagram posts (graphics) created: Celebrating Your Good News, Valentine Rom-Com Watch Party
  • Directed/Produced the following videos: Committee Catch Up With FiliFest Executive Team
  • Videos Edited: Committee Recruitment IG story, FiliFest Challenge IG Story promo
  • Thumbnails created: MassKara Murder Mystery, Magandang Panig/Good News
  • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: FiliFest Community, Tambayan S1 (ep 0), Baybayin Workshop Highlights, FilSoc Social! Games Night (Freshers with FiliFest 2020), LIVE WITH FILIFEST: #FreshersWithFiliFest, UCL Filipino Society #FilSocTakeover (Freshers with FiliFest), Highlights from #FreshersWithFiliFest!, MassKara Murder Mystery, Committee Catch Up With FiliFest Executive Team, Pairs Secretly Share, THE FILIFEST CHALLENGE (YouTube summary video)
  • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: Buwan Ng Wika 2020
  • Hosted: FilSoc Social! (Freshers with FiliFest 2020. Co-host), OPM Competition Quarter Finals (Bryle): Kumu Livestream via TFC Europe's channel, FiliFest Challenge (Co-host)

FiliFest 2022 (30th July 2020-Present) - Chairperson, Quality Assurance Manager

  • Leads Business Strategy Team, experimenting with a different leadership model and system to see options of how to manage FiliFest Committee
  • Focus on growing and developing all FiliFest Committee Members, particularly Business Strategy Team and CEO
  • Aiming to create a business function out of FiliFest
  • Produced Instagram Stories to promote FiliFest activities/events, focusing on driving engagement and to improve metrics
  • Supported organisation of OPM Competition 2021 (particularly Kumu livestream and finalists' music videos)
  • Instagram posts (graphics) created: Freshers Advice from University Students, Reasons to join FiliFest Committee
  • Directed/Produced the following videos: MARIA - SALAMAT (Cover) | FiliFest x TFC OPM Competition 2021
  • Videos Edited: MARIA - SALAMAT (Cover) | FiliFest x TFC OPM Competition 2021
  • Thumbnails created: Freshers Advice from UK University Students
  • Featured in the following FiliFest TV videos: Committee Social Vlog
  • Featured in the following TikTok/Reels video: What happens during FiliFest Socials



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